Data Center


Data Center

Strategically located in the Jezreel Valley, our Afula data centers will be less than one hour away from Tel Aviv. Built with cutting edge of technology, they will each be equipped with 16 MW with 10’000 sqm of white floor, 13 meters underground.

Our sites will be built with the highest level of protection regarding fire hazards and will be fully autonomous for 72h in case of emergency.

The data centers are composed of 3 floors:

2 lower-level floors

of 4’780 sqm each.

1 upper-level floor

of 500 sqm that will serve as the main entrance,
administration, and maintenance.

square meters

data centers



data centers


Afula data centers will provide N+N redundancy across all systems, making interruptions almost impossible. State-of-the-art electrical equipment will offer maximum efficiency and reliability, and ensure 100% customer uptime. The electricity will be provided by Israel Electric Company.


Afula data centers will use a highly efficient 2N water-cooled chillers system with the support of MATAM Energy Center N+1 CRAH configuration.


The security of our data centers is our highest priority. Using our multi-layered security as well as our on-site security team (present 24/7, every day of the year) will allow us to make sure that your digital assets are as safe as they can be. The data centers are protected with biometric readers and CCTV surveillance with a 60-day retention.


Anan designed its data centers with sustainability and environmental responsibility at the center of its reflection. In Afula, data centers will be built using a high-efficiency design with a PUE lower than 1.6 and a hyper-efficient cooling system to limit our carbon footprints.

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